How Do you Sleep in Hair Rollers without Damaging your Hair?

woman with hair rollers

Are you one of those women who often wakes up with a bad hair day? You wish you had that commercial-looking curls but have no time to spare for an hour of meticulous curling. Hair rollers are an excellent option if you’re a busy woman with little to no free time. Let’s … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Separate Beds for Couples

Couple in a sunset

For newlyweds still in the blissful honeymoon stage, sleeping on a separate bed might not be the most inviting idea. Sleep divorce is a growing trend and more frequent than you may imagine. If you’re currently on your honeymoon, the word “divorce” might be frightening to you. Can sleeping on a bed … Read more

10 Fun Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Several bridal shower presents on the table

A wedding shower, also referred to as a bridal shower, is among the numerous pre-wedding celebrations that happen before the major event-the wedding itself. It is a joyful occasion that allows family and friends to pamper and spoil the soon-to-be-weds. It’s called a bridal shower for one particular reason: it’s designed to … Read more

What Were the Popular Cartoons of the 70s?

two kids sitting in front of the tv watching cartoons, living room, curtains, lamp, plants, sofa

Cartoons were more popular than ever in the 1970s. Who could say no to spending a Saturday morning before that colorful 2D series? We all long to go back to a simpler time when Saturday mornings included a large bowl of snacks and hours of watching our favorite cartoons. There were just … Read more

Who Invented the Miniskirt?

Who Invented the Miniskirt

Many of the most iconic events, personalities, and innovations happened in the ’60s. One of these great revolutions was the miniskirt, which became a driving force in fashion in the said era and endured many decades, still in the rage until today. Though debates are on who invented the garment, it was … Read more