Are There Downsides To Having A Popcorn Ceiling?

popcorn ceiling texture, bumpy surface

Besides being a key part of the overall design of a space, ceilings have a crucial impact on the overall look and feel of a home. Some ceilings are plain, flat, and barely noticeable, but others are distinctly decorative, which can really grab one’s attention. There are several different types of ceilings … Read more

What Were the Popular Cartoons of the 70s?

two kids sitting in front of the tv watching cartoons, living room, curtains, lamp, plants, sofa

Cartoons were more popular than ever in the 1970s. Who could say no to spending a Saturday morning before that colorful 2D series? We all long to go back to a simpler time when Saturday mornings included a large bowl of snacks and hours of watching our favorite cartoons. There were just … Read more