How a Good Sleep Can Help Boost Immunity

a sleeping woman, white bedsheet and pillow

Sleep science has progressed tremendously in recent decades, demonstrating the critical role of sleep in practically every bodily system. As research into the links between sleep and physical health has progressed, it has become obvious that sleep and the immune system are intimately connected. If you needed another reason to sleep soundly, … Read more

Health Benefits of Mangosteen

mangosteen, fruit with dark purple skin and white flesh

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), also dubbed the Queen of Fruits and Food of the Gods because of its wide variety of benefits addressing several health conditions and health-enhancing properties, this sweet and tangy exotic tropical fruit from various parts of Southeast Asia has more than proven its worth over time. This fruit definitely … Read more

10 Best Exercises You Can Do At Home

woman stretching on a pink yoga mat

Physical activity, especially exercising, has numerous benefits for both your mind and body. Physical activity has various health benefits, ranging from better sleep to less worry and weight loss to a lower chance of death. Even though the advantages of exercise are well proven, many people do not get the amount of … Read more