Learn About Fidget and Sensory Toys and Their Benefits

Anti-stress toys pop it, simple dimple, snappers on white background

Fidgeting, or small movements of restlessness, can manifest as tapping fingers, bouncing the knees, and twirling the hair. It can be common among people with anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is a coping mechanism for the body to provide a stimulant release and increase their focus. Fidget toys can … Read more

Why Do Younger Patients Get Bed Sores?

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, occur when the skin and the underlying tissue are damaged by prolonged pressure. They are areas of localized damage, typically occurring when there is constant pressure on that area of the body. For example, when a patient is confined to a bed for long periods … Read more

How to Deal With Heel Spurs With Foot Massages

Performing foot massage

Heel spurs can be a real pain in the foot! You know the feeling – that stabbing sensation you get with every step you take. While many people use the terms “heel spurs” and “plantar fasciitis” interchangeably, they are two separate conditions. Heel spurs refer to the bony growth, while plantar fasciitis … Read more

What do Studies Show as the Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium on Bones?

500 mg calcium supplements with vitamin D 

Two minerals, calcium and magnesium, are necessary for a number of biological processes. Daily calcium and magnesium supplements do, in fact, help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Another fact about these two minerals is that they work together to maintain bone density and create durable tooth enamel. Benefits of Taking Calcium and … Read more

What is the History of Benadryl?

Pink Tablet

Many people who have various allergic responses regard Benadryl as a lifesaver. This cute little pink tablet will help you survive the day of sneezing and itching. Benadryl is an anti-allergic drug that can be used to stop allergic reactions. Antihistamines, which are highly effective against allergic reactions, are typically present in … Read more

What is the History of Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen Bottle

It is a known fact that Ibuprofen has been part of our daily painful life. Ibuprofen is a significant part of every athlete’s journey. It witnessed the painful struggle of almost every human being in surviving and achieving dreams; it is a critical player in the pharmaceutical industry in relieving pain. How … Read more

What is a TENS Belt, and How Does it Help with Pain Relief?

TENS Machine

Electricity can change things; it has made things simpler for us by traveling, obtaining information, processing our food, lighting our nights, heating and cooling our houses, and the list goes on. Electricity has also literally saved lives with different medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps. Would it surprise you that electricity … Read more

What are the Benefits of Cooking with Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and some vegetables

Any housewife, homemaker, or chef should practice being meticulous regarding the cookware they use in the kitchen. It would be best if you weren’t content with the attractive style or appearance of the cooking pans you use. The healthiest and safest option for cookware is stainless steel. Due to their fantastic qualities, … Read more

What are the Signs Your Child isn’t Getting Enough Sleep?

A girl sleeping soundly

Sleep is the most boring dreaded activity that kids hate to do during the day. Sleep is merely the “thing” that brings the fun stuff to a crashing halt for kids. Even though it may be near the bottom of your child’s priority list, sleep is still vital to their health and … Read more

What is Effexor?

Depressant Pills

Many people, especially those who suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder, credit Effexor for saving their mental health. However, this medication should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor and with great caution. If mismanaged, the adverse effects could lead to severe damage. Most people call this drug a happy … Read more