Worst Things To Do To Get Women

What are the worst things you can do when trying to get a girl? This article goes through the 3 most unwelcome things for guys to do when meeting girls

Knowing about all the techniques that can help you get women is all fine and dandy. But its just as important that you research and find out which things actually have a negative impact on your chances of getting girls. When you start to go out there in the clubs and experiment with different methods. So without further ado here are the worst things to do.

The most important things to avoid when trying to pull a girl is to do with your personality and the general impression that you give them when they meet you. As we all know, first impressions are SO important when trying to impress someone, so the first few sentences of your conversation is probably the most crucial thing to get right . Three things you don’t want to come across as in the first few sentences are:

These three things are an instant turn off for most girls because of their own individual reasons. Coming across as arrogant gives the girl an impression that you’re just another jerk trying to get off with her. What they really want is for you to maybe listen to what they have to say and care about them enough to get their trust.

The shy problem is possibly the single most common problem for guys when it comes to approaching girls. i said the worst thing you can be is arrogant, but being shy definitely comes in a close second. Being shy can be associated with being boring, and there’s nothing worse than having long periods of awkward silences. This is an area you need to work on if you’re shy. Simply by approaching more girls, and meeting more new people can help build your confidence up when it comes to the real thing. Practice makes perfect and as long as you’ve done it enough times, it’ll become second nature to you.

Coming in at number 3 for the worst attribute to have when trying to pull a girl is being annoying. Being annoying is actually a close relative to being funny but their effects when talking to girls couldn’t be more different. I mentioned in another article that you can literally get a girl to bed just by making her laugh, and being annoying has the EXACT opposite effect. If you start telling too many rude or unwelcome jokes in conversation, the girl will turn off you faster than you can say lols. To remedy this problem, again you just need to find the right balance between playful teasing and outright annoyingness.

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