There are many adults across the world who has reported to having the problem of wetting their bed. Bedwetting is not new at all among adults just like it is in children. When one notices they have the problem, they should visit the doctor to ascertain that it is not a major health condition. The problem of wetting the bed among the adults is usually accompanied by another serious body defect. Some of the problems that can be as a result of bed wetting in adult are urinary track infections, bladder infections or kidney failure. Even though it is possible to get diapers in the market that can help to give comfort at night, one should still seek diagnosis for the reason behind the problem.
There are many reasons that have been brought forward to explain the reasons behind wetting the bed. Some of the causes include are climate, anemia of the blood and allergies. The main cause of wetting bed among adults is mainly due to trauma and stress. In other cases, the bed wetting is as a result of weak bladder that comes from childhood to adult hood. This makes the muscles weak making most of the adults to wet their beds.
Remedies for Bedwetting
There are drugs that can be purchased to help in solving the problem of bedwetting. The DDAVP is one of the medication that can be taken to lead to the reduction of the liquids found in the body hence the bladder is will be left with nothing to urinate. Taking of the medication does not stop the problem immediately but is always taken as a means to control the problem. Many people are always afraid of using the medication to treat the bedwetting problem as it might cause increased problem instead of solving it.
One of the main advantages of DDVAP is that it usually comes in different forms for consuming. It can either be consumed as a nasal spray or the pills. The DDVAP is not addictive and hence one is not limited to the time that they should consume. Some of the side effects that are related to consuming the drug are feeling nauseated and headaches. Imipramine can also be taken to help in treating the bedwetting problem. This antidepressant usually aims at reducing the amount of the liquid that the body releases to the bladder. The drug is however unpopular because of the many side effects it is associated with.
Adult bedwetting is a problem that can be treated. Doctors have treated numerous of the problems successfully. It is not wise to hide the problem and openly talking about it will help one to receive the help and support they need. The problem of bedwetting is common not only among the small children but also among the adults. One can also invest in bedwetting clock that will help in waking up to empty the bladder. With the needed help, anybody can get help to be able to get out of the bedwetting problem.