1. Why Do Pregnant Women Have Trouble Sleeping?
  2. How to Sleep Properly During Pregnancy
  3. What’s The Best Position For Pregnant Women To Sleep?
  4. Things to Avoid Whilst Sleeping and Pregnant
  5. Sleeping Tips For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, it is very common for the woman not to be able to sleep throughout the night. This is because the pregnant woman is often plagued with physical discomfort, anxiety, stress and changes in hormones. During the pregnancy period, the pregnant woman might wake up several times during the night due to a weaker bladder. Luckily, there are tips that can be adopted to help pregnant women have a good night’s sleep during.

  1. Always Stay Hydrated – It is imperative for the pregnant woman to take in a lot of fluids during the day this will help her to remain hydrated. The amount of drinks consumed should be minimized hours before sleeping.
  2. Regular exercise – The pregnant woman should have regular exercise. The exercise helps them in improving the circulation of the blood in the body giving optimum body health. Exercising minutes before bed time should be discouraged as it releases adrenaline that reduces sleep to keep the woman awake at night.
  3. Reduce stress – Anxiety and stress increases the chances of one failing to get sleep during the night. The simple worries should be avoided as they are not helpful at all. The pregnant woman should look for someone to share there worries. This can be a professional or a friend who have experience in life related issues.
  4. Creating Routines – The pregnant woman should create a comforting night routine that can easily make them to sleep. One can try taking warm milk or tea before sleeping. Reading a chapter in the favorite book can help one to sleep. Taking a warm birth with scented soaps can relax one to sleep. The woman can request a shoulder massage or have her hair brushed.
  5. Proper Sleeping Positioning – When the pregnant woman reaches the third trimester of pregnancy, they should start sleeping on their left hand side. This allows flow of the blood to the kidneys, uterus and the fetus. The pregnant woman should avoid lying on the back for extended periods of time as it can result to back aches.
  6. Prevent Heartburn – In order to avoid any incidence of heartburn, the pregnant woman should avoid reclining immediately after meals. The woman should learn to sleep using pillow to prevent heartburns. The fried, spicy and acidic foods should also be avoided to prevent heartburns.
  7. Take Naps During The Day – In the event where the pregnant woman fails to get proper sleep during the night, they should start taking naps during the day. The nap should be taken at any place in the house where one finds comfort.
  8. Pregnancy pillow support – Using the pregnancy pillow helps to increase the comfort that one has when sleeping. The pillow should be placed under the belly on one end and the other under the knee.
  9. Take Proper Diet – A pregnant woman with sleeping problems should avoid caffeine in their diets. Those who feel nauseated at nigh should take snacks like bread and crackers. The woman should avoid sleeping on empty stomach to avoid the feeling of being nauseated. Proper diet is highly encouraged for both the mother and the baby.
  10. Seek medical Advice – In case the insomnia persists, one should seek medical help. The doctor is able to recommend the right dosage to be abele to sleep.