1. Natural Methods to Help You Sleep well
  2. Understanding the Natural Sleep Cycle
  3. Natural Sleeping Aids
  4. Most natural sleeping patterns
  5. Natural methods to help you sleep
  6. Natural Products To Help You Sleep
  7. The natural sleep cycle
  8. Asian Natural Sleep Aids Can Cure Your Insomnia Permanently
  9. Second Sleep – Exploring Natural Sleep Patterns And Sleep Hygiene
  10. Evidence That A Break In Sleep Is Natural And Beneficial
  11. Natural Herbs That Help You Sleep
  12. Lavender Oil – A Natural Way To Help Your Baby Sleep
  13. How To Fall Asleep Faster And Fight Insomnia Naturally
  14. Clinician’s Natural Sleep-Aid – Do These Herbal Pills Really Work
  15. Natural Sleeping Routine

Prescription medication usually has negative side effects when compared to the natural remedies. Using the prescription to treat insomnia may eventually cause dependence which is very common among the users. Overdependence on the prescription eventually leads to physiological problems like the kidney and liver damages on the user. This has led to major campaigns being made in order to promote the use of the natural remedies for insomnia like the use of herbs, dietary supplements and other available alternatives. When one has the problem of insomnia, they should consider the following natural remedies.

One of the most commonly used natural hormones is melatonin. The hormone is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm. The quantity of natural melatonin that is available in the blood stream is dependent on the dark period. This means that when one has shorter nights the amount of the hormone produced is also limited. This explains why melatonin is a very common supplement that is used for helping in the natural sleep-wake periods. Melatonin can then be given as remedy to shifting schedules and jet lags.

It is also possible to get sleep by use of sleeping sound to be aloud to play repetitively. Some of the most commonly night sounds that are used by many is the cricket sound, ocean waves and the wid. Playing relaxing musical tones at the background can also be used as natural remedy to sleep. One should play tunes that they find relaxing and comforting to condition the body and mind to sleep.

It is also possible to let our natural instincts allow us to sleep by using common sense. Simple normal activities like switching off or dimming the lights, powering of the television set or gaming console, having personal computer and office equipments put aside should act as good trigger to sending one off to sleep.

Another natural sleeping remedy is by making the sleeping area to be the best as much as possible. Having a thick and comfortable bed mattress can help in promoting good night sleep and keep off the problem of insomnia. A high quality pillow should then be added to pad and cuddle the neck and the head when sleeping. The right temperature for the bedroom should then be set and the noise reduced to the minimal level and any clutter removed from the bedroom. This allows one to get sound sleep without any lags.

One can then opt to add herbs to the remedies of insomnia. The herbs are very popular in the treatment of insomnia as well as helping in relieving fatigue, stress and even depression. Some of the most commonly used herbs to offer sleeping remedies include the lavender, valerian and the chamomile. They are found in the form of capsules, teas and tinctures. It is important to consult the doctor before one can begin consuming any of the herbs. The doctor will be able to check whether they are compatible with the condition and whether reactive when consumed. It is advisable for one to carry out enough research before settling for a specific herbal remedy for sleep.