What Girls Want In Guys

An article detailing what girls want in guys from my own experience and understanding.

Knowing what girls want in guys is probably the first thing you should learn when trying to better your chances at pulling girls or even maintaining long term relationships. By knowing what she expects of you, you can give her what she wants, and she’ll give her what you want. I have compiled this article from asking various different girls what the perfect man consists of, so please use this information wisely.

The question “what girls want in guys?” has always been eluding human beings for decades. There is no definite answer to this question and the answer varies from one woman to the other depending on their age, social status and family background. The answer is also determined by the question; why is the girl looking for a guy. So finding an exact answer or rather a perfect answer to this question is not possible. But one can determine some qualities or traits that are most desired by girls in guys whom they like.

The first thing that a girl looks for in a guy is emotional support. A girl will always want her guy to be emotionally strong and supportive. Also the guy has to be sensitive to understand exactly when the emotional support is required. The person should be sympathetic to console his girl when in distress and should be witty and humorous enough to make her smile at the same time. Sensitivity and sense of humour has always been an irresistible combo of qualities in a guy for a girl. The guy must be a good and patient listener as well. For a girl in an emotional problem a solution to it is not an immediate requirement. She would be more happy to have an empathiser rather than a problem solver.

Girls want their guys to be knowledgeable. Whatever the question may be, especially on general awareness, a girl would always want an instant correct answer from her guy. Girls like to show off, and an all knowing boyfriend would obviously be an asset for them to boast about. But the guy should have the sense of when to answer a question and when not to. An unnecessary show off of knowledge would rather be a direct insult for a girl.

The man must be caring, not only towards the girl but towards her close ones as well. A girl with a pet would obviously want her man to like it as well. So even if the guy is not comfortable with pets, he should not show an open dislike for it. If a girl is looking for long term relationships, she will always want her guy to be caring towards her parents as well. A guy must always be honest to his girl. Any relationship other than blood relationships is build on trust. If a man is dishonest and lies to his woman, there can never be any relation between them

A girl would always want her man to be successful in life. It would be even better if the guy would create his own identity rather than live in family glory. But then again success should not have gone to his head. Otherwise all that the girl would get is negligence. A girl would want her guy to balance his work and his family/love life perfectly.

Last but not the least, looks do matter. Everybody is attracted by good looks and girls are no exceptions. A girl would always want her guy to have good looks and to be well maintained. And a girl would always want her guy to be most attentive towards her. She should feel she is the most important person in his life. You don’t need to be the best looking guy in the world, but as long as you don’t look like a total mess and are well groomed you’ll be all fine and dandy.

Understand that these traits are just the things I have found during my research and experience, but every girl is different and you need to work to understand what they want in you and whether you can provide it. Saying that, I do believe that a guy with a combination of these qualities is sure to win the girl of his choice.

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