Flirting Tips For Guys

One big question I always get asked by other guys trying to find out how to pull a girl is

“how do you make conversation with girls to increase your pulling probability?”

This isn’t a simple question to answer, and there’s a variety of different factors that would affect the tactic you should adopt to personally help you pull girls. In this post I will try to explain as clearly as possible how you can find out your strengths, and work with them and use them as much as you can to beat all the other guys.

If you’re quite funny, and can get girls to laugh, you probably don’t need to read this article! I would say if you can get the girl to laugh, you’re about 70% of the way to pulling her. Girls love funny guys, and it is scientifically proven that the more they laugh the more secure they feel, which is great because the more secure they feel, the more they’ll warm up to you. It’s not all easy though, you do need to make sure you’re sense of humor leaves room for implying sexual tension. Getting the balance right can be hard because if you just tell jokes all the time, it could shoot you straight to a friend status.

Right, now how to pull a girl if you’re not very funny and not very good at telling jokes. Here you have to be a bit more clever with your body language attraction, and your quick reading of what type of girl she is. If she seems quite intellectual and smart, you could play on this and make “interesting” conversation. Bear in mind this is quite a hard tactic to use because the line that separates interesting and boring is VERY fine. And then you have to incorporate a certain amount of physical flirting techniques such as touching her arm, or touching her hand. Don’t be too forward with this but try to pull it off casually and without her really acknowledging it.

Now the most important lesson I hope you get from this article is that if you want to perfect your flirting techniques, you will have to practice and practice until you get the ratios of jokes to flirting, or interesting conversation to sexual body language just right. There is a perfect balance to flirting effectively, something I call “the sweet spot” If you want to successfully work out the best way on how to talk to girls, you need to get out there and try all the flirting techniques. Nobody knows what your natural strengths are, not even you until you find it out.

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