Where Should the Puppy Sleep?

When a new puppy is brought in as a new member of the family, most of the members of the family wishes to have it sleep on the bed. This can be very harmless when the puppy is small. However, the old habits rarely die, and the dog will get used to sleeping on the bed. The small puppies are usually traumatized in the first weeks after being separated from their mothers and having them sleep on the bed can act as comfort to them. The dogs are usually lovely creatures and would wish to be close to people and feel loved. This explains why they usually make very good pets to us.

As the puppy grows old, one needs to clearly set out the necessary rules on the necessary sleeping arrangements of the house. Where should the puppy sleep? How is the sleeping placing going to be prepared? Where exactly will the sleeping place of the puppy be located within the house? In most cases, the puppy owners usually go wrong when answering these questions.

One of most common mistake that is made by the new puppy owners is allowing the puppy to sleep on the same bed with them. This is very unhealthy when looked from the hygienic and health point of view. This is with no exemption of even the clean dogs. The puppies usually have a very different sleeping habit when compared to the human. The puppies usually urinate after every two hours because of their weak bladder. They will definitely interfere with the normal sleeping habit.

What the owner of the puppy should do is giving the puppy a sleeping place of its own. The area should be excluded for the dog alone. When one has more than one puppy, each of them should be given their own place. Dogs like other animals usually have territorial control and would want a place where it feels it has sphere of influence and control. This will help them improve their sleeping patterns because of the feeling of ownership of the place of control.

One should design a place that is exclusively for the pet within the house. One of the best places that one could take to be the dog’s place is the laundry room. This is because the room is secluded and free from heavy daily human traffic. The place should allow the dog to access the outside as they tend to make use of bathroom more than humans. When leaving in a house with a store or garage it can work as an ideal place for the dog to sleep. A kennel outside the main house is the ideal option for big dogs.

In case one allows the dog to sleep outside, the owner should ensure that it receives maximum comfort and offered full protection against the weather elements. Proper care ought to be taken during winter to ensure that the house is insulated for the purpose of keeping the dog warm. The house should be located at a well drained area and raised above the ground to maintain the cleanliness of the dog.