How to teach Puppies to Sleep Properly

Getting new puppies can be intriguing and exciting, yet daunting at the same time, particularly if you’ve never dealt with cute, little puppies before. It’s so enthralling to bring puppies home, play with them, embrace them and even feed them. However, this excitement is often tainted when you realize that getting concrete sleep can be an issue because puppies can have absolutely no respect for your sleeping routine. Well, a majority of puppies are often intrigued by their new home, and getting them to sleep can be extremely difficult, at least until they are sixteen weeks old.

Nevertheless, with proper sleep training and scheduling programs, you can get your new puppies to sleep soundly through the night.  First, you ought to know where your new puppies should sleep. The best option may be your bedroom, so that you are able to monitor them with uttermost precision. A lot of people however find this too uncomfortable, in which case it may be better having the dog sleep in the utility room, or another room in the house.

Preparing puppies for bedtime

Puppies are more or less like little children, and what they do just before bedtime has a substantial impact on how well they’ll sleep. Firstly, don’t allow puppies to snooze, even a little, in the evening. It’s vital to keep your puppies busy and engaged in the evening, so that when bedtime approaches, they’ll be dying to sleep due to exhaustion. Secondly, control the food and drinks they ingest just before bedtime, at least not later than 2 to 3 hours prior to the set bedtime. If puppies go to sleep with a full bladder, then you’ll definitely be in for an exceedingly restless night.

Overnight Potty Trips are utterly business

During the day, puppy potty trips can be laden with playtime and fun, but at night, you have to avoid making such advancements to your puppies. You must teach your new puppies that overnight potty trips are strictly about the business, not fun. You should take them directly to the potty, but give them ample time to do their business, then return them to bed straight away.

Establish a smart overnight schedule

Unlike fully grown dogs, puppies may need multiple potty trips through the course of the night. Assuming that your puppies will do just fine without any overnight potty trips is a wrong idea to have because they’ll get uncomfortable and wake you up. Consequently, you must establish a stringent overnight schedule, starting with a set sleeping time and a favorable number of overnight potty trips, whether your new puppies wake up or not. Alternatively, give them a designated are where they can go do their business if you’re not in the room.