Why do children like to stay up late?

Those naughty little things!

A good parent makes his children the bed, make them sleep at an earlier time so they get enough sleep for their school in the morning. But what do the children do? The children of today’s generation are so cunning, they love staying up late. They love to fool their parents into thinking they are off to sleep and yet they have all the fun they need in their bedrooms, late at night.

The children often stay awake at nights because they don’t have an excessive permission of playing video games during the school time. They cleverly hide their video games under their beds or pillows and wait until their parents are asleep so that the action begins. The parent unfortunately believes his little children and think of them as “little angels”. But trust me that is not the case with the children of today. They are cunning, daring and in denial. They don’t ever accept this staying up late at night in front of their parents. They never get caught by anyone and above all, they are daring enough to wake up at school on time. Such little rascals!

Don’t let them fool you!

Some parents are wise enough to check on their children after an hour or two after they have gone to bed. But for how long can they really keep up this routine? The parents are tired because of the whole day’s work and often doze off on the sofa while watching television. And that’s to the children’s advantage. They sneak outside of their rooms, get a hold of their video games and rush back to their rooms. Before you know it, they get cuddled inside their warm blankets so that the parents don’t know about their little activity.

Having Chocolates at night?

A lot of parents don’t want their children to eat a lot of junk food near their bedtimes. That is because the food particles get stuck to their teeth and the children don’t really bother brushing them off. But children aren’t so innocent when it comes to obeying their parents in terms of chocolates. They would stay up at night, sneak into the kitchen, open the fridge and get those chocolates. Before you know it, they would be in their beds, chewing some of the bars of the safely earned chocolate. You would be amazed at how their skills are advancing with time and practice. Chocolates are a big reason to stay up late at night for children.

Merely fun?

There are children who would just stay up late at night merely for fun. They don’t care about the fact that they have to get up early in the morning. They just want to experience that thrill and excitement when you stay awake late and tell your friends about it. Such odd urges of the children, no?

Some children who are granted mobile phones and internet at a very young age stay up late as they get addicted to them. They can’t help wasting their eyes and brains on these things. They love watching all sorts of useless cartoons and movies by staying up late at nights so that they can tell their friends about it. Parents, a fair warning to you, don’t get fooled by the new generation. Give them the necessary freedom they need so they don’t have to stay up at nights and get into all the wrong doings.