How can children sleep so much?

Age appropriate recommendations

When you talk about the children getting sleepy, you are always curious about the right amount of time they should sleep for. Although medical science has advanced to levels beyond, the question about the sleep time of children is yet not answered. Some doctors and psychiatrists try to calm down the parents by saying that there are age appropriate limits to one’s sleep time. But I don’t think that’s true at all.

For instance, I heard a doctor say that a child of less than 10 years should get at least 12 hours of sleep. Well, what if he doesn’t? Some of the infants from my family slept for more than that, that didn’t mean they didn’t grow up to become lazy or unhealthy. Some doctors also say that younger children, probably teenagers, should not get more than 9 hours of sleep. I’m a teenager myself, I doze off any and every time I feel sleepy. I don’t feel tired and lazy all the time.

Are they going to gain weight?

The other day I heard something very interesting about the sleep of the people. I heard that too much sleep increases the chances of gaining weight. We can’t stop sleeping in fear of gaining a little weight now can we? But when you look at your surroundings, you’ll get to see that there are a couple of people, especially children, who doze off a lot and are obese. Whatever the issue, too much sleep is never advisable for children of any age.

Do they need help?

Psychiatrists did a long study of the ratio of children who sleep a lot. The children who sleep in the car, on the sofa or even in front of the television! They suggest that children who sleep a lot might have the feeling of negligence from their parents or family members. Some also suggest that children who sleep a lot are very inexpressive. But the question remains, why do they sleep so much?

There are doctors and psychiatrists who are working on finding the answer to this question but no facts about it are discovered. Children bored or unsatisfied from their lives are more likely to sleep a lot. But then there are children around us who just can’t help sleeping. They aren’t lonely or anything, they just love getting cozy in their beds and dozing off to the world of the dreams. Now dreams are again another factor why children sleep a lot. The children might not be happy about the reality and they might love the dreamland. Some children who are born fat or not as good looking as their friends are often in complexes and love to sleep. Some children might not be rich and might not get enough toys or chocolates to eat, that’s why they might love to go to their fantasy dream lands where they got everything they asked for.

Such children are advised to have therapies with psychiatrists in order to face the reality and make it better rather than just avoiding it.

Still confusing!

I admit that there are some children who sleep a lot and need help but when I try and remember my childhood, I can’t help remembering how I could sleep at a wedding! With all the music, all the people around me, I didn’t care about anything but my precious sleep. I turned out to be just fine! So that’s the problem. We still haven’t reached to the conclusion as why the children sleep so much. But if they turn out healthy and active, why get them into a therapy?