Funny Ways Moms Can Get Kids To Sleep

There must be a million ways to get kids to sleep. Most moms wish they had them all memorized. We love our kids, don’t we? Still, bedtime is a welcome relief for the majority of parents. It’s a rough job that lasts 24/7. Plus, there’s nothing like the angelic face of a sleeping child to help you remember how precious they are. While watching my grandson slip peacefully off the couch onto the floor, yesterday, I started thinking about all the funny tactics I used to get my own kids to sleep.

Here’s a crazy way to get kids to sleep. I used it on my youngest daughter, then the grand-kids. I found it by accident. When they insist on staying up, let them. Have them sit next to you on the sofa. Gently stroke the center of their forehead, moving slowly down their nose. This forces them to close their eyes, even if they don’t want to. Keep repeating until they drift off.

Moms, treat your babies like puppies. Bear with me here. Babies are used to the gentle beat of your heart. It soothed them to sleep in the womb. When training puppies to sleep alone, many people recommend placing a portable clock under their bedding to mimic a heartbeat. Of course, your baby can’t sleep with a clock. Cuddle them close so they can hear your heartbeat. Then hold the clock face on their back to echo the vibration. Sounds crazy but great for colicky babies who just can’t sleep.

Smart moms keep a lavender sachet under kids pillows. Lavender is a relaxing herb that sends older kids and adults off to dreamland on a cloud of floral scent. Caution: It’s not good for baby’s developing lungs. Use for older children only. Microwave the sachet for a few seconds just before bed-time. This helps release the fragrance. Put one under your pillow too. Just be careful. Men are highly attracted to lavender scented women. You might not get to sleep for a while.

A spa package relaxes kids before bedtime. Of course, most moms can’t afford to take kids to the spa. Duplicate that spa feeling by giving kids a nice warm bath. Follow up with moisturizer and a light massage. Play some soothing music to get kids to sleep. Mine used to love the sounds of ocean waves or rain.

Everyone knows babies like to be snuggled up. It reminds them of the womb. Some older kids find it comforting too. There’s nothing better than a warm blanket. Hospitals often wrap babies and moms in warmed blankets after childbirth. Of course, they do make electric blankets. You might not want to use them for kids due to fire danger. You can warm up lightweight blankets at home in the microwave. Wrap your little one up in cozy softness.

Try some conventional methods. The car ride is tried and true. I used it frequently when my son was a baby. We usually only made it once around the block before he was off to dreamland. For some reason, there’s nothing like the purr of a motor to sooth kids to sleep. It’s not just the motor, though.

  • A stroller ride works just as well for babies.
  • Little kids zonk out in that little red wagon.
  • Many babies like to swing to sleep.
  • A story or movie can relax kids into a gentle snooze.

Do avoid jostling or bouncing baby to sleep. A gentle motion protects them from brain injuries. Shaken baby syndrome can happen simply from bouncing your baby too hard.