The Basic Techniques

When it comes to learning how to pull girls, there are basically 4 separate parts that need to all work for a successful pull.

How to pull a girl – Part 1

The first part is called the scouting. This is the process of looking for potential girls to pull, and keeping track of their specifics. You need to work out several pieces of information before you actually learn how to pull a girl. These are:

Who they’re here with (group of girl friends? mixed gender friends? family? boyfriend?)
The easiest targets are the ones in a group of girl friends because they normally want male attention, and they would generally be more welcoming to a few nice guys joining in and making conversation.

From experience, a group of girls already with a few guy friends can be difficult but not unachievable. These guys that are already with them may just be friends with them but that doesn’t stop them from being protective. They may feel oppressed if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you do, this can actually work to your advantage (more on that later).

Where they are at the moment (the bar, at the table, the dance floor)
When trying to find out how to pull women, you also need to look at their location. Different locations cause for different methods. For example if they’re at the bar alone, you can just go up to them and buy them a drink. And its generally harder to pull a girl sitting down with her friends if you are just not too good at making conversation.

How to pull a girl -Part 2

This is the approaching phase, and is sometimes the most crucial of the whole process. First impressions are worth millions and if you want to be an expert at pulling girls, you need to master “the approach”.

You need to come off as a really nice guy who isn’t trying to pull her (lol), you might buy her a drink but no matter what you do, don’t be too forward. You need to seem interested but not too interested. If she wants to go back to her friends, let her, as long as you have made a good impression, you’ll probably see her later that evening.

How to pull a girl – Part 3

This is the bulk of learning you how to pull women. You need to apply the same few crucial points as Part 2, so you need to seem like a nice guy. But then you need to show more interest to suggest a potential for something more. One technique I have found to really work is to tell a joke that also comes across as flirting. It’s not too much yet subtly suggests interest.

You may need to keep this going for anything between 10 minutes to an hour, but generally, the longer this part lasts, the more likely there will be a successful pull at the end of it.

How to pull a girl – Part 4

This is the last part and the section I refer to as “the conversion”. This is the moment you bank on all the previous work and go for “the kill”. If you’ve done the other parts right, this bit should be easy. The most important thing to remember is that if you get rejected, its probably not your fault, she probably just doesn’t want to pull anyone that night.

Ensure that you stick with the nice guy approach even you’re rejected! It gives you more space to work with next time you see her.

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