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Best Sleeping Habits

Sleep is a basic need, and certainly, one of our principal basic instincts. However, to many individuals, sleep has become a mystery, one that they just can’t seem to figure out. Well, if you are among the many sleep deprived individuals in the globe, then getting enough slumber has become your everyday quest. Sleep, apart from being a wonderful natural phenomenon, has overwhelming health benefits, to the extent that its elevates your immunity.

Sleep deprivation or arduous sleeping habits can have adverse effects on one’s health, hence the need to incorporate the best sleeping habits. Amazing sleeping habits will not only make you sleep better and longer, but also reduce the susceptibility of certain health concerns, and even diseases. While a set of sleeping habits may work best for a certain individual, they may not necessarily work in another. Nevertheless, below are the best, proven sleeping habits that will ensure you have long, peaceful and fulfilling slumbers.

•    Establish a strict bedtime routine- Always go to bed at a specific time on a daily basis, remembering that holidays and weekends are no exception! It’s vital for your body to adapt a certain sleeping routine, and you’ll be intrigued at how better you sleep by employing a stringent bedtime routine.
•    Sleep only when you need to- Unnecessary daytime naps will slay any possibility of you getting a graceful, good night sleep. Consequently, you should avert taking any naps, and if you must, then an hour should be enough. The rule is to sleep only when you feel really sleepy.
•    Create a sleep-friendly atmosphere- Your bedroom, and your bed, should be utterly meant for sleeping purposes and nothing else, well, except sex. It’s crucial to eliminate negative sleeping habits like watching TV, working, reading or even chatting on your bed. Sync your body to comprehend that bed means sleep.
•    Avert late night exercise- Avert exercising 3 to 4 hours prior to bedtime, at least to keep your metabolism in check. True, regular exercise is mandatory for a good night sleep, but leave all exercise sessions for early mornings, and probably, early afternoons.
•    Keep caffeine, alcohol and nicotine far away at least 4 to 6 hours prior to bedtime- Nicotine, often in cigarettes and selected drugs, and caffeine are stimulants that will certainly raise your metabolism. So keep coffee, cocoa, tea, chocolate, cola and selected non-prescription drugs out of sight. Alcohol slows and reduces brain activity, which might actually get you to sleep, but alcohol induces fragmented sleep, which is really undesirable.
•    Ingest light snack before bedtime- Light is the key word, so avoid ingesting any heavy foods just before bedtime because it will unquestionably interfere will your sleep. But then again, don’t sleep on a completely empty stomach!
•    Develop Sleep Rituals- Learn to give your body hints in the evening, particularly before bedtime. You can listen to soft, soothing music, or perhaps, read a book. Avoid engaging in violent or involving activities right before bedtime.

Baby Sleeping Habits

Good sleeping habits are incredibly important to all age groups but even more so for babies as they need it to develop and grow physically and mentally.

Although good sleeping habits in all babies are generally the same, there are some notable differences when they get to particular maturities of development.

Newborn (1-3 months) babies’ sleep normally consists of roughly 80% of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep with a typical sleep cycle of about 55 minutes and on average a total of 15 hours a day. When we describe the particular sleeping habits in babies and toddlers, they are directed more at the parents to enforce them. At this age, the baby having just come out of the womb will need to adapt to normal human sleeping habits such as diurnal (opposite of nocturnal) sleeping patterns.

One habit that should be encouraged is night time sleeping, as it helps them to get ready for normal sleeping times when they get a few months older. Evidence also shows that encouraging night time sleeping habits help babies to sleep through the night earlier on.
As a parent you should look out for signs that suggest the baby is tired or drowsy but not asleep. This is when the baby should be put into his/her crib and makes it more likely that they’ll sleep well. This also helps them recognize that when they are put into the crib they should just sleep. Psychologically, something in their mind would make them tired when they are put into bed, which is a very good sleeping habit.
Lastly the baby should be put to sleep in the cot on his/her back, and without anything soft around that could potentially disrupt their breathing patterns.

Similar tips also apply to babies between the age of 3 months and a year. As the baby gets older, they shouldn’t need as many naps and typically at 9 months old they would be able to sleep throughout the night.

The baby should still be encouraged to sleep during the night, and by this age they should generally have a regular sleeping pattern
Again, by putting the baby to sleep when they’re tired but not quite asleep you can help them learn to sleep independently which can help improve their overall sleeping habits as they grow up.
The baby should be provided with a warm and comfortable, sleep-friendly environment that he/she can be in every time they go to sleep. This point reinforces the earlier two points as well.

By the time they reach toddler age, they should be getting on average 13 hours of sleep every day.

The introduction of a safety item can help the toddler feel more secure when they go to bed. This safety item can be a anything soft such as a soft toy or a blanket.
A certain bed time should be set and regulated consistently so that they get tired around the same time every night, this is a very important factor when trying to develop good sleeping habits.
Naps should only happen once a day, and should not happen too late on in the evening

Adult Sleeping Habits

Adults (between 19 and 60) may not be growing anymore, but good sleeping habits should still be maintained because of the massive health benefits. Most adults in a healthy state should be getting roughly 8 hours of sleep a night through the night with no interruptions. This is not always possible but with better sleep hygiene, it is much more likely.

Good adult sleeping habits might not differ too much from sleeping habits at different ages, but it is arguably more important for this age group because adults are usually in a higher position of responsibility, be it behind the wheel or going to work, it is vitally important that adults get enough sleep and don’t put themselves and others in danger.

At this age, you should try not to nap at all during the day as this could increase adult sleeping problems during the night. However if you are unbearably tired, or just need a quick recharge nap, then only take half an hour as any more or any less is not beneficial.

As adults, it may be tempting to sleep less because of the lack of free time during working days. While this may have benefits to you in terms of fitting more de-stressing activities in,lack of sleep can cause depression and other sleep deprivation symptoms. It may be worth going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier to ensure you get enough sleep.

You should also make sure that your television or radio is turned off before you sleep as this can hinder you from falling into a deep sleep, causing interruptions during the night. If you’re really finding it difficult to fall asleep, it is scientifically proven that you should read in a moderate to dim lighting condition instead of watching tv or listening to music.

You should try to limit the things you do in bed other than sleeping, so that includes bringing the laptop in or work. This helps your mind to associate the bed with sleeping and helps you to fall asleep quicker at night time.

As you get older, your digestive system may not function as well as how it used to, so it is important to refrain from eating a large or rich meal too close to bed time. The time that you have dinner can be very important in an adult’s sleeping pattern. It is generally agreed that the earlier someone has dinner, the earlier they get tired at night time. The best time to have dinner is agreed to be before eight o clock.

So as a recap of all the good habits in this post:

Get around eight hours of sleep a night
Try not to sleep too late
Turn television and radio off if you watch/listen to them in bed
Try to avoid watching television and listening to radio, instead you should read in moderate to dim lighting conditions
Try to limit the things you do in bed
Try not to eat a large/rich meal too close to bed time
Try to eat dinner earlier

What Girls Want In Guys

An article detailing what girls want in guys from my own experience and understanding.

Knowing what girls want in guys is probably the first thing you should learn when trying to better your chances at pulling girls or even maintaining long term relationships. By knowing what she expects of you, you can give her what she wants, and she’ll give her what you want. I have compiled this article from asking various different girls what the perfect man consists of, so please use this information wisely.

The question “what girls want in guys?” has always been eluding human beings for decades. There is no definite answer to this question and the answer varies from one woman to the other depending on their age, social status and family background. The answer is also determined by the question; why is the girl looking for a guy. So finding an exact answer or rather a perfect answer to this question is not possible. But one can determine some qualities or traits that are most desired by girls in guys whom they like.

The first thing that a girl looks for in a guy is emotional support. A girl will always want her guy to be emotionally strong and supportive. Also the guy has to be sensitive to understand exactly when the emotional support is required. The person should be sympathetic to console his girl when in distress and should be witty and humorous enough to make her smile at the same time. Sensitivity and sense of humour has always been an irresistible combo of qualities in a guy for a girl. The guy must be a good and patient listener as well. For a girl in an emotional problem a solution to it is not an immediate requirement. She would be more happy to have an empathiser rather than a problem solver.

Girls want their guys to be knowledgeable. Whatever the question may be, especially on general awareness, a girl would always want an instant correct answer from her guy. Girls like to show off, and an all knowing boyfriend would obviously be an asset for them to boast about. But the guy should have the sense of when to answer a question and when not to. An unnecessary show off of knowledge would rather be a direct insult for a girl.

The man must be caring, not only towards the girl but towards her close ones as well. A girl with a pet would obviously want her man to like it as well. So even if the guy is not comfortable with pets, he should not show an open dislike for it. If a girl is looking for long term relationships, she will always want her guy to be caring towards her parents as well. A guy must always be honest to his girl. Any relationship other than blood relationships is build on trust. If a man is dishonest and lies to his woman, there can never be any relation between them

A girl would always want her man to be successful in life. It would be even better if the guy would create his own identity rather than live in family glory. But then again success should not have gone to his head. Otherwise all that the girl would get is negligence. A girl would want her guy to balance his work and his family/love life perfectly.

Last but not the least, looks do matter. Everybody is attracted by good looks and girls are no exceptions. A girl would always want her guy to have good looks and to be well maintained. And a girl would always want her guy to be most attentive towards her. She should feel she is the most important person in his life. You don’t need to be the best looking guy in the world, but as long as you don’t look like a total mess and are well groomed you’ll be all fine and dandy.

Understand that these traits are just the things I have found during my research and experience, but every girl is different and you need to work to understand what they want in you and whether you can provide it. Saying that, I do believe that a guy with a combination of these qualities is sure to win the girl of his choice.

Worst Things To Do To Get Women

What are the worst things you can do when trying to get a girl? This article goes through the 3 most unwelcome things for guys to do when meeting girls

Knowing about all the techniques that can help you get women is all fine and dandy. But its just as important that you research and find out which things actually have a negative impact on your chances of getting girls. When you start to go out there in the clubs and experiment with different methods. So without further ado here are the worst things to do.

The most important things to avoid when trying to pull a girl is to do with your personality and the general impression that you give them when they meet you. As we all know, first impressions are SO important when trying to impress someone, so the first few sentences of your conversation is probably the most crucial thing to get right . Three things you don’t want to come across as in the first few sentences are:

These three things are an instant turn off for most girls because of their own individual reasons. Coming across as arrogant gives the girl an impression that you’re just another jerk trying to get off with her. What they really want is for you to maybe listen to what they have to say and care about them enough to get their trust.

The shy problem is possibly the single most common problem for guys when it comes to approaching girls. i said the worst thing you can be is arrogant, but being shy definitely comes in a close second. Being shy can be associated with being boring, and there’s nothing worse than having long periods of awkward silences. This is an area you need to work on if you’re shy. Simply by approaching more girls, and meeting more new people can help build your confidence up when it comes to the real thing. Practice makes perfect and as long as you’ve done it enough times, it’ll become second nature to you.

Coming in at number 3 for the worst attribute to have when trying to pull a girl is being annoying. Being annoying is actually a close relative to being funny but their effects when talking to girls couldn’t be more different. I mentioned in another article that you can literally get a girl to bed just by making her laugh, and being annoying has the EXACT opposite effect. If you start telling too many rude or unwelcome jokes in conversation, the girl will turn off you faster than you can say lols. To remedy this problem, again you just need to find the right balance between playful teasing and outright annoyingness.

10 Tips On Pulling Girls

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to improve your chances of getting girls, here are 10 simple tips to greatly help you in getting all the girls you want!

10 Tips on How to Pull a Girl

There is no magic trick on how to pull a girl. Just like everything that is related to getting the woman you want, pulling girls can be done in various ways. Additionally, just because a strategy is effective on a certain girl doesn’t mean it is effective on all girls. With that said, you have to have an arsenal of tips on how to pull girls so that if a strategy doesn’t work, you can use any of the other strategies. This may look more like a trial and error process but it works. You need to be prepared with everything you’ve got if you really want to get the attention of the girl of your dreams. To help and guide you, below are some tips on how to pull women. Take note of them and most importantly put them into good use. Tips are nothing but tips unless you actually go forth and practice them.

Conquer your fear of approaching girls. Most women like and prefer being approached by men. The problem is most men are afraid of approaching them. It’s but normal for a man to feel uncomfortable when approaching a woman he barley knows. But if you really want a woman, you need to conquer your fear and approach her once the opportunity comes. There really is no other way on how to pull a girl than to go and talk to her.

Once you approached the girl, don’t back down. This is where most men fail on how to pull a girl. They are able to approach women but once they’ve done that, they just freak out. They don’t know how to proceed. Avoid making this mistake by preparing what you’re going to say before you approach a girl.

Take things slowly. Rushing things is never a good strategy on how to pull a girl. Start by talking about simple and ordinary things. Talk about the weather if you have to but don’t go talking about relationships or boyfriends right away.

Compliment her. Women like being complimented. Tell her she’s beautiful, she looks good with her, she has beautiful hair, she has lovely eyes, etc. Say what you have to say, just make sure you are complimenting her. Do not go over the top though or you will only freak her out.

Leave her on a good note. After the encounter, sooner or later you will have to say goodbye to each other. If you want to see her again then get her number or invite her out for dinner or for a drink sometime in the future. That’s how to pull a girl.

Of course, these tips won’t 100% guarantee that you will be able to pull a girl with ease. As we stated earlier, different strategies are required for different girls. With that said, you will often have to improvise the tips mentioned above. Modify them to adapt to the specific circumstance you are in. You will also have to look into the type of girl you are trying to attract.

That’s it. These are really everything you need to know on how to pull a girl but I do strongly suggest you go back and read my story on pulling girls where I show you that it’s not always as easy as this article makes it sound!

Flirting Tips For Guys

One big question I always get asked by other guys trying to find out how to pull a girl is

“how do you make conversation with girls to increase your pulling probability?”

This isn’t a simple question to answer, and there’s a variety of different factors that would affect the tactic you should adopt to personally help you pull girls. In this post I will try to explain as clearly as possible how you can find out your strengths, and work with them and use them as much as you can to beat all the other guys.

If you’re quite funny, and can get girls to laugh, you probably don’t need to read this article! I would say if you can get the girl to laugh, you’re about 70% of the way to pulling her. Girls love funny guys, and it is scientifically proven that the more they laugh the more secure they feel, which is great because the more secure they feel, the more they’ll warm up to you. It’s not all easy though, you do need to make sure you’re sense of humor leaves room for implying sexual tension. Getting the balance right can be hard because if you just tell jokes all the time, it could shoot you straight to a friend status.

Right, now how to pull a girl if you’re not very funny and not very good at telling jokes. Here you have to be a bit more clever with your body language attraction, and your quick reading of what type of girl she is. If she seems quite intellectual and smart, you could play on this and make “interesting” conversation. Bear in mind this is quite a hard tactic to use because the line that separates interesting and boring is VERY fine. And then you have to incorporate a certain amount of physical flirting techniques such as touching her arm, or touching her hand. Don’t be too forward with this but try to pull it off casually and without her really acknowledging it.

Now the most important lesson I hope you get from this article is that if you want to perfect your flirting techniques, you will have to practice and practice until you get the ratios of jokes to flirting, or interesting conversation to sexual body language just right. There is a perfect balance to flirting effectively, something I call “the sweet spot” If you want to successfully work out the best way on how to talk to girls, you need to get out there and try all the flirting techniques. Nobody knows what your natural strengths are, not even you until you find it out.

I do recommend you check out my story on how I learned how to pull girls easily.

The Basic Techniques

When it comes to learning how to pull girls, there are basically 4 separate parts that need to all work for a successful pull.

How to pull a girl – Part 1

The first part is called the scouting. This is the process of looking for potential girls to pull, and keeping track of their specifics. You need to work out several pieces of information before you actually learn how to pull a girl. These are:

Who they’re here with (group of girl friends? mixed gender friends? family? boyfriend?)
The easiest targets are the ones in a group of girl friends because they normally want male attention, and they would generally be more welcoming to a few nice guys joining in and making conversation.

From experience, a group of girls already with a few guy friends can be difficult but not unachievable. These guys that are already with them may just be friends with them but that doesn’t stop them from being protective. They may feel oppressed if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you do, this can actually work to your advantage (more on that later).

Where they are at the moment (the bar, at the table, the dance floor)
When trying to find out how to pull women, you also need to look at their location. Different locations cause for different methods. For example if they’re at the bar alone, you can just go up to them and buy them a drink. And its generally harder to pull a girl sitting down with her friends if you are just not too good at making conversation.

How to pull a girl -Part 2

This is the approaching phase, and is sometimes the most crucial of the whole process. First impressions are worth millions and if you want to be an expert at pulling girls, you need to master “the approach”.

You need to come off as a really nice guy who isn’t trying to pull her (lol), you might buy her a drink but no matter what you do, don’t be too forward. You need to seem interested but not too interested. If she wants to go back to her friends, let her, as long as you have made a good impression, you’ll probably see her later that evening.

How to pull a girl – Part 3

This is the bulk of learning you how to pull women. You need to apply the same few crucial points as Part 2, so you need to seem like a nice guy. But then you need to show more interest to suggest a potential for something more. One technique I have found to really work is to tell a joke that also comes across as flirting. It’s not too much yet subtly suggests interest.

You may need to keep this going for anything between 10 minutes to an hour, but generally, the longer this part lasts, the more likely there will be a successful pull at the end of it.

How to pull a girl – Part 4

This is the last part and the section I refer to as “the conversion”. This is the moment you bank on all the previous work and go for “the kill”. If you’ve done the other parts right, this bit should be easy. The most important thing to remember is that if you get rejected, its probably not your fault, she probably just doesn’t want to pull anyone that night.

Ensure that you stick with the nice guy approach even you’re rejected! It gives you more space to work with next time you see her.

“I Have A Crush On A Girl!”

Do you have a crush but not sure how to approach it? This article will teach you the ins and outs of liking someone

So we’ve all been there, we really really like a girl and we think that no one else could like her quite as much as we do. At this point we are in love, we are infatuated and we want nothing more than to see and talk to this girl.

This article will talk about the sorts of things we should avoid in this situation and some sure fire signs that may tell us that the girl is also interested back. If the girl feels exactly the same way, you could have something absolutely beautiful, but if she doesn’t, you could find your whole life go downhill until you get back on your feet and realise she wasn’t all that special.

So what should you do if you really like this girl but your not sure if the feelings are mutual? It really depends on the situation. Are you already friends with her? If you are then that could be a good thing. Contrary to the popular idea of having a “friend zone”, you are actually in a better position than a lot of other people. By already being her friend, it already shows that she likes you even after she knows you. She enjoys spending time with you even if it is just as a “friend”. To get out of this zone, you just need to change the way you talk to her and change the way you approach it. You need to throw in some sexual tension, tease and flirt with her a bit more than you normally would and see if she reacts. The thing that normally puts people off dating their friends is that they’re scared of losing the friendship. At this point I would just like to remind you of the phrase “it’s better to have loved and lost, than never have loved at all”.

If you’re not friends yet, you need to achieve that first and fast. The best position to be in is when you’re good enough friends to hang out but not long enough to worry about ruining the friendship. I would suggest just approaching her and talking to her maybe about a similar subject. If you’re in the same course then talk about the work, if you’re working for the same company, talk about the boss. Just make sure she knows you exist and then move on from there. Only you know when its right to make the move to ask her out on a date.

The best piece of advice I could give you is to go for it no matter what you think the outcome will be. You only live once and if it gets to the stage where you like her that much, you need an answer as to what she thinks. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If she rejects you at least you’ll get closure and be able to move to the next girl easier. No matter what you do don’t let it drag on.

If you realise that she doesn’t share the same feelings as you then try to move on as fast as you can. There’s no point waiting for someone to like you when there’s so many other girls out there.

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The Best Place To Pick Up Girls

Finding it hard to find the right girl? Feel like you’re missing out on lost love, and want to regain that feeling like you’ve found someone in the world that’s just right for you? Sometimes the regular bar circuit might seem overwhelming, and the usual spots end up getting played out, so where do you go if you need somewhere intimate to meet your next soulmate?

Finding it hard to find the right girl? Feel like you’re missing out on lost love, and want to regain that feeling like you’ve found someone in the world that’s just right for you? Sometimes the regular bar circuit might seem overwhelming, and the usual spots end up getting played out, so where do you go if you need somewhere intimate to meet your next soulmate?

Places like bookstores, coffee shops, art galleries, and community parks can all be great locations to meet girls that have a lot of personal value and can back themselves up in a conversation. Location is everything when you decide just what kind of girl it is you want to take home tonight, so make sure that before you go on the prowl you’ve weighed all the options extensively and come to a well-thought out conclusion.

Keep in mind that wherever you end up is not only going to dictate the kind of girl you meet, but also the sort of approach you should use when initiating the first move. Take interest in her book, run at the same pace on trails, or order the same cup of coffee to see if she notices you once they call it out. These are all strategies you can use to successfully find a girlfriend in unexpected places.