10 Tips On Pulling Girls

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to improve your chances of getting girls, here are 10 simple tips to greatly help you in getting all the girls you want!

10 Tips on How to Pull a Girl

There is no magic trick on how to pull a girl. Just like everything that is related to getting the woman you want, pulling girls can be done in various ways. Additionally, just because a strategy is effective on a certain girl doesn’t mean it is effective on all girls. With that said, you have to have an arsenal of tips on how to pull girls so that if a strategy doesn’t work, you can use any of the other strategies. This may look more like a trial and error process but it works. You need to be prepared with everything you’ve got if you really want to get the attention of the girl of your dreams. To help and guide you, below are some tips on how to pull women. Take note of them and most importantly put them into good use. Tips are nothing but tips unless you actually go forth and practice them.

Conquer your fear of approaching girls. Most women like and prefer being approached by men. The problem is most men are afraid of approaching them. It’s but normal for a man to feel uncomfortable when approaching a woman he barley knows. But if you really want a woman, you need to conquer your fear and approach her once the opportunity comes. There really is no other way on how to pull a girl than to go and talk to her.

Once you approached the girl, don’t back down. This is where most men fail on how to pull a girl. They are able to approach women but once they’ve done that, they just freak out. They don’t know how to proceed. Avoid making this mistake by preparing what you’re going to say before you approach a girl.

Take things slowly. Rushing things is never a good strategy on how to pull a girl. Start by talking about simple and ordinary things. Talk about the weather if you have to but don’t go talking about relationships or boyfriends right away.

Compliment her. Women like being complimented. Tell her she’s beautiful, she looks good with her, she has beautiful hair, she has lovely eyes, etc. Say what you have to say, just make sure you are complimenting her. Do not go over the top though or you will only freak her out.

Leave her on a good note. After the encounter, sooner or later you will have to say goodbye to each other. If you want to see her again then get her number or invite her out for dinner or for a drink sometime in the future. That’s how to pull a girl.

Of course, these tips won’t 100% guarantee that you will be able to pull a girl with ease. As we stated earlier, different strategies are required for different girls. With that said, you will often have to improvise the tips mentioned above. Modify them to adapt to the specific circumstance you are in. You will also have to look into the type of girl you are trying to attract.

That’s it. These are really everything you need to know on how to pull a girl but I do strongly suggest you go back and read my story on pulling girls where I show you that it’s not always as easy as this article makes it sound!

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